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200 Multiple-Choice Exam - NCE
NCMHCE - Clinical Counseling Cases Exam

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Which Exam

We are not associated with any state or governmental agency responsible for licensure or the National Board of Certified Counselors that deals with certification. We are a review program only. If you need to be a national certified counselor (NCC), or have questions regarding the exam, contact the National Board of Certified Counselors. If you need to be licensed, contact your Department of Professional Regulations or your state's Medical Quality Assurance Agency to find out the current requirements and procedures, which vary from state to state. Only they can give you OFFICIAL and CURRENT answers to your important questions. NBCC-phone: 336-547-0607

Licensed Professional Counselor LPCC, LPC, LCPC Test prep site for NCE, NCMHCE, National Clinical Menthal Health Counseling Exam licensure and NBCC® certification covering all CACREP content areas. Practice quizzes and exams contain multiple choice, case studies, simulations, descriptions, and mnemonics. Diagnostic exams pinpoint areas for extra study. Now for the Ca counseling exam. Counselors from California can now take the nce, ncmhce or the crc exam for certification.